Michelle Jayne - Empathy, Authenticity and Finding Your Voice

Episode 5

75 mins

Michelle Jayne - Empathy, Authenticity and Finding Your Voice

October 15, 2017

I have a distaste for the word “authenticity”, as I feel as it is often thrown about in a way that is its opposite, but with Michelle it is an appropriate choice. She is comfortable in her own skin, and she inhabits a powerful presence.
I would describe Michelle as a teacher’s teacher. Not just because she facilitates yoga teacher trainings and mentors other teachers, but because over her 10+ years in this profession she has developed some deep insights into the heart of this practice.
In her own words: “I believe my role to be more one of facilitating the experience that is unfolding for each person; unique, distinctive and always evolving.”
In this conversation we learn about some of her key teachers, and how she has integrated new information while maintaining her own voice. We learn about the difference between projection and empathy. We talk about the importance of community, and continuing professional development to stay inspired.
In this episode, Michelle gives what I think is the best definition of yoga I have heard yet: “Yoga is the expression of life itself in that very moment”. There are plenty more gems like this, so have a listen.

Michelle’s Website https://michellejayne.com.au/
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