Nicole Lee - Creating a Chi Space

Episode 27

64 mins

Nicole Lee - Creating a Chi Space

June 24, 2018

Nicole Lee is a teacher of Qi Gong and meditation and the owner of Chi Space - a Qi Gong and meditation studio in Balaclava, Melbourne. We are fans of Qi Gong ourselves - we love the gentle movements, and we feel that they can be easily be integrated into a yoga or meditation class. As Nicole mentions in this conversation, it is a practice that is accessible for nearly everyone, so it’s a useful tool to have in your yoga and meditation toolbelt.

In this conversation we learn about how Nicole went from living a busy life working in real estate in Dubai, to find her true calling running a Qi Gong studio back home in Melbourne. We learn what Qi Gong is, and the differences between Traditional and Integrative Qi Gong. We learn about the sensory and sound meditation workshops that Nicole facilitates, and Nicole tells us a few of her self-care and strategies, that help her run her studio as effectively as possible.

We also announce the winner of the book CONNECTING Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers and Therapists!

Chi Space:

Picks of the Week:
Rane - Childish Gambino - This is America
Jo - Vegetable slicing Mandolin.
Nicole’s Spring workshop - Sunday September 16th -


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0:30 Garden of Yoga Studio update
1: 50 The winner of our book giveaway.
5:00 Nicole’s background growing up in Latrobe Valley, and moving to work in real estate in Dubai
6:10 How did Nicole discover Qi Gong?
8:40 What is the difference between integrative and traditional Qi Gong?
9:52 The diversity of Qi Gong styles
12:46 Anyone can do it - Accessibility of Qi Gong vs Yoga
14:18 The connection between Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine
15:40 The origins of disease in Chinese medicine - The purpose of Qi Gong
16:16 Rane’s experience with traditional vs more modern styles of Qi Gong
16:40 Differences in lifestyles in the west and how it influences Qi Gong styles
18:07 Emotional Release - release of tension, lightness
18:55 The rationale for precision in traditional Qi Gong movement.
21:20 Movement around the arms and shoulders
23:33 Is there controversy around the existence of the integrative approach to Qi Gong?
26:40 Is cultural appropriation an issue?
28:15 What happens when you slow down?
29:24 It’s a mindfulness practice
29:55 Qi Gong vs Stillness mindfulness practice
30:30 A Seasonal practice
31:55 Masterclasses - eg a class themed around sleep
32:34 Do your students usually practice from home, or do they come to class?
35:56 Sensory meditation workshops
38:55 Encouraging social interactions
40:00 Teaching Qi Gong at Schools
43:16 Do you have strategies you use when peoples energies are scattered or just tired?
44:41 Nicole’s Qi Gong Teacher Training
50:54 Being inspired and being inspiring to others
51:35 How does Nicole get her inspiration?
52:00 How does Nicole manager her energy levels? Self-care techniques.
57:15 Focusing on the right things
58:36 Picks of the Week

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