Nina Zolotow - Yoga for Times of Change

Episode 116

51 mins

Nina Zolotow - Yoga for Times of Change

June 1, 2022

Nina Zolotow is a yoga teacher, a writer, active member of the Accessible Yoga community, and creator of the blog and book, “Yoga for healthy Aging”. Nina’s blog was one of Rane's main resources and learning tools when he was doing his yoga teacher training and she has had a major impact on how we approach teaching yoga, so we were really excited to catch up with Nina today.

Nina recently wrote her latest book “Yoga for Times of Change” which will be available to buy this June. She was kind enough to share an advance copy with Jo and myself, and it’s well worth a read.

In this conversation we talk about stress management, insomnia, moving through anger, anxiety and depression, navigating grief and how Nina has used yoga to live with challenging emotions in her own life.

This conversation, like the book is a great mix of personal sharing, evidence based approaches and honouring the traditions of yoga.



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