Paul Daniele - From the Classroom to the Yoga Mat

Episode 11

53 mins

Paul Daniele - From the Classroom to the Yoga Mat

November 27, 2017

Today’s episode is a recorded conversation between myself, Jo Stewart, and Paul Daniele of Mindful Body and Spirit.

Paulie is a multifaceted teacher, who facilitates a wide range of classes! Boxing, Qi gong, Yoga, Pilates and meditation. All of these are in the toolbox of physical and mental disciplines that Paulie loves to share with the world.

In this conversation, we learn about Paulie’s Italian background, and how his personality was shaped by being the youngest of seven children in the family.

We also learn about how Paulie keeps himself energised and inspired through his personal practice, art and other hobbies.

And finally, we learn about Paulie’s earlier career as a school teacher and how that informs his approach today.
It’s a cracker of a conversation, and Paulie’s enthusiasm shines through.


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