Paul Majewski - Demystifying Meditation

Episode 36

47 mins

Paul Majewski - Demystifying Meditation

October 21, 2018

Paul Majewski is a Melbourne based meditation teacher, the director of Meditation Solutions, and the vice president of Meditation Australia, Australia’s peak body for meditation teachers. Paul has a long history of both practising and teaching meditation, having taught for well over 20 years.

In this episode, Jo and I speak with Paul and learn about his background growing up in Perth, Western Australia. We learn about how he was dissatisfied with the Christianity he was raised with and set on a path of learning about other religions. We hear about how Paul discovered Buddhism, and how meditation helped him with chronic health issues he was facing.

We discover how Pauls meditation practice evolved into teaching meditation and his approach to teaching meditation to others. Finally, we ask Paul many questions about Meditation and Mindfulness, including the multiple definitions of the word, and the potential for the confusion this may bring about.


Meditation Solutions:
Mental Health Awareness for Meditation Teachers:
A Potential Answer to the question - "Is Enlightenment Real?" -

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2:20 Paul’s background - where he grew up
3:03 Paul’s growing disillusion with Christianity and his search for a new framework of values.
4:30 Finding Buddhism
5:31 Practicing with Eric Harrison
6:16 How did your practice evolve into becoming a meditation teacher?
7:40 What is Paul’s approach to teaching meditation?
8:55 Is mindfulness as effective without the Buddhist underpinnings?
9:56 Mindfulness in a corporate setting - mindfulness promoted as a productivity tool.
11:29 Confusion around the word Mindfulness
12:25 A translation of the pali word sati.
13:29 Has this confusion affected the way that mindfulness has been taught or added to misconceptions?
14:38 The advantage of trying different styles.
15:07 Finding the right doorway.
16:16 Playing in bands.
18:36 Flow state in music
19:45 The benefits of practising meditation over time - not judging the meditation.
21:30 “Decluttering your brain”
22:38 Is it good to have a goal for your meditation sessions?
25:10 Having ritual, discipline or opportunism to help maintain a regular practice
26:38 How has the meditation scene changed over the years?
27:50 Technology and meditation
29:05 The muse headband
30:40 Any unusual fads Paul has noticed over the years
31:17 Any advice for people looking to find the right style of meditation for them?
34:36 How often should you practice meditation to get the benefits?
36:07 Is enlightenment real?
38:52 Are there concerns for people with mental health issues pursuing meditation?
42:00 Paul’s role as VP of Meditation Australia
43:44 Mental Health Awareness for Meditation Teachers
45:50 The core of Pauls teachings
46:30 Outro - Next weeks guests

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