Episode 97

75 mins

Phil Kayumba - Come As You Are

February 15, 2021

This is a deep and powerful conversation that we were honored to share.

Phil Kayumba is a Melbourne based trauma-informed Yoga teacher with a passion for shared community building and cultivating individual expression through collective movement and breath, hence his motto “Everyone, come as you are.”

Phil's teaching is imbued with lessons from an extraordinary life, from leaving his home in Rwanda at the age of 10 for soccer and education in England to discovering yoga in India while his father worked as an ambassador.

His travels through India continued to inform his practice and life, which only continued as he moved to Australia for study and became a father. Phil's resilience and compassion shines through as he shares about the effects of political violence in Rwanda, losing many much-loved family members, numerous assassination attempts on his father's life and becoming a refugee in Australia during his studies.

While Phil touches on many difficult and painful topics, this is an uplifting and inspiring conversation, filled with many unexpected turns and layered with Phil's love for his son, the practice of yoga, and life itself.

Note: This episode contains discussions of genocide, violence, mental health issues and other adult themes.

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