Episode 131

48 mins

Rane and Jo - Nearly 6 years - Now what?

September 10, 2023

We’re up to almost six years of the Flow Artists Podcast and we have NEWS!
Rane shares SoundMadeSeen his new app which will be launching soon. It’s a tool to create beautiful videos using your audio and it will save podcasters (or any online creators) time and hassle when sharing their work.
Jo had news too - she’s writing a book!
The working title is ‘Eight Limbs of Aerial Yoga: Adapting practice for neurodiversity, accessibility and physical support’ and it will be published by Singing Dragon in 2026.
It will integrate yoga philosophy back into the teaching and practice of aerial yoga and features many past podcast guests as well as members of our studio community.

We’ve also got some great questions from past podcast guests:
Deanne Love asks us about flow, Dave and Ranju ask us about inspiration, imposter syndrome and advice for our younger selves.
Cyrille Caille asks about our initial inspiration and future podcast plans. Freya Bennett Overstall asks about inversions and May Yuen asks about our plans for 2024 and how people can support the podcast. We even have a future guest Chloe Prendergast asking us about finding balance and exploring the polarity between yoga, meditation and technology.

Past episodes mentioned:
Donna Sparx
Carla Mullins
Alex from Offering tree
Kirrah Stewart
Donna Noble
Jivana Heyman
Chris Cheers
Richard Liddicut

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