Richard Liddicut - A Life of Creativity

Episode 99

57 mins

Richard Liddicut - A Life of Creativity

March 1, 2021

Jo started learning Ink Brush Painting from Richard Liddicut when she was about 7 and as you’ll hear, his classes were really an introduction to yoga and meditation as well.

Richard has been practicing yoga for almost 50 years after discovering creative dance with Mrs Mangiamele at the iconic Mangala studios while he was at art school.

We discuss the early days of Mangala studio, and how it has evolved, as well as Richards earlier teaching career. We also delve into the history and practice of Sumi - ink brush painting and calligraphy and it’s connection to Zen buddhism and meditation.

Creativity, and the exploration of our true nature have always been central to Richards's movement and art practice. One of the topics we discuss is ‘The Unfolding Self’ workshop which combines yoga and brush and ink techniques, meditation, sound, and poetry to facilitate awareness of an inner, fluid, and interconnected world where the outer layers of the ego melt away to reveal our inner nature.

Richard has an auditory processing disorder which makes him very sensitive to electronic equipment, which we speak about in our conversation. We’ve actually wanted to speak to Richard since we began the podcast and I’m glad we finally found a way that would work for him - so rather than an online chat or at our home surrounded by technology, this interview took place in his small garden studio, shaded by a huge jacaranda tree and lined with many, many years worth of paintings and calligraphy.

We hope you enjoy the conversation!


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