Ruth Sowter - Trust Yourself

Episode 55

54 mins

Ruth Sowter - Trust Yourself

July 21, 2019

Ruth Sowter is a love, intimacy and relationship coach with more than 15 years experience working in corporate and personal wellness. We had many questions about the world of coaching - including some of the positive and negative aspects of this industry.

We wanted to learn how Ruth's training as a Yoga teacher informs the work she does as a relationship and intimacy coach. We were curious about the differences and similarities between these two roles and how she navigates them. We also wanted to know - what does a coach do? How does it differ from a friend or a therapist? We also wanted to address the ethics of the industry which is unregulated (as is yoga teaching).

There is also an interesting exploration into abundance mentality, positivity washing and whether these concepts actually improve our lives.

Ruth has a compassionate and light-hearted approach. This is a laughter-filled and fun conversation!


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2.20 Ruth talks about her background growing up in Tasmania
2:42 How did Ruth discover yoga?
3:52 Any Key teachers?
4:45 What prompted Ruth’s move into coaching?
5:48 Are there any aspects of Ruth’s yoga practice that she uses in her work coaching?
8:11 Does a coaching session have a structure in the way that a yoga class would?
9:26 Are there any aspects of coaching that feel really different from yoga?
12:11 Is there a scope of practice for coaches as there are for therapists or yoga teachers?
15:28 What are some things to look out for when “coach shopping”
17:30 Abundance mentality
18:32 The dark side of abundance mentality
20:26 What are some aspects of the coaching world that some folks may not be aware of?
22:09 The oxford comma argument.
23:17 Does Ruth have advice for people putting themselves out there on social media?
25:30 Does Ruth encourage discussion on her social media posts?
27:55 Midroll - Please support us on Patreon
29:20 How does Ruth approach self-care before and after her coaching sessions?
31:23 Is there any basic “starter” advice Ruth can offer around relationship coaching?
33:37 Being able to love all of our emotions
34:51 Can we indulge our emotions too much to the point that it becomes a license for bad behaviour?
35:48 On false or forced positivity
38:00 Couples communication
39:40 What is the definition of cheating for monogamous couples?
43:54 What does Ruth love most about coaching?
45:02 What are the biggest challenges Ruth has found while coaching?
47:09 How is advice from a coach different from advice from a friend?
51:00 How have apps like tinder etc changed relationship/dating dynamics?
53:10 What’s the one core lesson that Ruth would like people to take away from her work?

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