Shannon Crow - Building Community and Finding your Yoga Niche

Episode 29

67 mins

Shannon Crow - Building Community and Finding your Yoga Niche

July 22, 2018

Shannon Crow is a yoga teacher, a consultant for Yoga Teachers and the host of the Connected Yoga Teacher podcast.

She became a yoga teacher in 2006 and continues to teach weekly group and private classes in Owen Sound, Ontario, with a specialty in Yoga for Pelvic Health.

Shannon is dedicated to helping yoga teachers define their niche and thrive at marketing.

In this episode we learn about Shannon's background growing up in Ontario Canada. We learn about how she discovered yoga, and came to become a Yoga Teacher. We learn about how Shannon came to start The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast.

Shannon gives some excellent and usable advice such as how to keep a Facebook group friendly and helpful, how to build a community, both online and in the real world, and how to connect meaningfully with other Yoga Teachers in your local area. We also learn some great ways to find your Yoga niche, and Shannon shares some of her favourite self care techniques.

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2:18 Shannon talks about growing up in Canada
2:56 How did Shannon discover yoga?
3:48 What lead Shannon to teach yoga?
6:05 Did Shannon have any key teachers?
7:08 “I couldn’t make Kundalini (yoga) as accessible as I needed to”
7:50 Shannon talks about her possible motivations for doing so many trainings.
8:35 The beginnings of the Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast
10:06 “Collaborate rather than compete”
11:20 What does Shannon do to keep her facebook group friendly and civil?
15:08 Does Shannon have any advice for yogis who want to build or connect an online community?
17:46 How does Shannon deal with negative emotions that arise from viewing social media sometimes?
21:23 Does Shannon have advice for teachers who haven’t found their niche yet?
23:20 What if people aren’t resonating with what you are teaching? What if they aren’t booking?
24:46 “List out 15 statements of I believe”
28:43 Does Shannon have advice for teachers wanting to build communities in the real world?
32:44 Are there other ways that yoga teachers can connect with other teachers?
36:04 “Instead of seeing them as a competitor, see them as your community”
37:13 What are some of the most illuminating answers that Shannon has heard on her podcast?
41:05 “Every single person is an individual”
43:54 Does Shannon have any strategies for keeping a private class on track?
46:10 How does Shannon get into a really good state of mind for teaching a class?
48:15 How does Shannon balance what she shares with her classes or keeps personal?
52:11 How does Shannon create the balance of business related or teaching related content on her podcast?
57:30 Asking people with illnesses and health issues simple questions
58:44 As yoga teachers we can offer time and space to listen
1:00:16 Does Shannon have any words of advice for anyone who is thinking of starting a podcast?
1:03:45 What is the one core teaching that Shannon would like to share with the world?
1:05:08 Outro - Jase Te Patu is on our next show!

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