Shyamala Benakovic - Yoga Australia: Creating Connections

Episode 62

43 mins

Shyamala Benakovic - Yoga Australia: Creating Connections

October 13, 2019

This episode is released in partnership with Yoga Australia.

Shyamala Benakovic is a Yoga teacher and the CEO of Yoga Australia.

If you heard our episode with Michael de Manincor, he stated that the hiring of Shyamala as General Manager was his greatest success, which really speaks to Shyamala's talent, passion and incredible work ethic.

In this episode, we learn how Shyamala grew up in Malaysia before moving to London and later relocating to Australia. She tells us about her early family life and how being raised in the Hindu tradition informs her practice and teaching today. We hear about her background as a Management Consultant, and how this, along with her passion for yoga lead to her being hired as General Manager of Yoga Australia.

We also hear about the challenges in running a national organisation that is largely made up of volunteers, and some of the systems she has put into place to help support the goals of Yoga Australia.
Finally, Shyamala shares her hopes and dreams for Yoga Australia moving into the future.

Yoga Australia:

Adrenal Healing Workshop with Gina Macauley:
Aerial Theraputics Training:


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1:15 Adrenal Healing workshop at Garden of Yoga
2:10 Shyamala’s background growing up in Malaysia in a Hindu household
2:53 Did Shyamala grow up with Yoga?
7:25 Sanskrit and pronunciation
8:46 What lead Shyamala to wanting to teach yoga?
13:01 How did Shyamala become involved with Yoga Australia?
14:23 Why should people join Yoga Australia?
19:10 Break - Workshop with Renae Stevens
20:30 The role of President being a volunteer position
21:19 What does Shyamala feel have been her biggest successes as CEO of Yoga Australia?
23:43 What are her biggest challenges?
25:26 What are the biggest challenges for yoga teachers?
28:10 Should business practices be more of a part in teacher trainings?
30:49 Diversity and inclusion in the yoga world
33:37 How we make yoga price accessible to those who need it, while still being able to make an income? Health care rebates.
36:16 Can Yoga Australia help teachers navigate the NDIS? (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
38:15 What could Yoga Australia be doing better?
40:12 Where does Shyamala see Yoga Australia in the next 10-20 years?
40:49 What is the core thing that Shyamala would like to share with the world?

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