Three Years, Now What?

Episode 91

49 mins

Three Years, Now What?

November 1, 2020

October marks 3 years since we started the Flow Artists Podcast with our episode "I'm a Yoga Teacher, Now What?", so we are celebrating!

For this special anniversary episode, we are the ones answering the questions! We have questions from Jivana Heyman, Amy Wheeler, Alice Williams, Jesal Parikh, Cora Geroux, Taryn Siriana, Nicole Blythe, Gina Macauley and Gabrielle Boswell!

It's a great episode, so check it out!

We humbly acknowledge the true custodians of the land where this podcast is recorded - the Wurrunderi people of the Kulin nation.

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0:30 Welcome to our Three year anniversary!
1:55 Jivana Heyman asks: "How can we reshape the yoga industry so that it reflects the ethics and values of yoga?"
8:36 Donna Noble asks: "How can we as yoga teachers be good allies?"
13:09 From Taryn Sirianni: "How can we better foster connection between yoga teachers in remote regions without extra screen time"
17:12 Amy Wheeler asks about our cat Nagano, what made us start the podcast and our favourite and least favourite parts of making the podcast.
22:43 We talk about our other project Thrive Northside
26:14 Alice Williams asks how we maintain our enthusiasm and how we find our guests. She also asks whether there were any conversations that went off the rails. Finally, Alice wonders whether we have been tempted to ask some cheeky questions.
31:24 Jesal Parikh asks "How do we maintain a strong partnership in business, podcast and in life?"
32:24 Nicole Blyth asks a very similar question :)
37:12 Cora Geroux asks: "What is something we wish people knew about what goes into making a podcast?"
40:42 Gina Macauley asks whether we have noticed any changes in podcast listening patterns since COVID?
43:54 Gabrielle Boswell asks about Rane and Jo's early experiences to yoga and what drew them to practice it. She also asks whether they were drawn to practice or teach?
47:30 Next week's episode: Divya Kohli

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