Tom Gargiulo - Compassionate Crossfit

Episode 23

82 mins

Tom Gargiulo - Compassionate Crossfit

April 29, 2018

In this episode, we (box) jump into the world of Crossfit!

Tom Gargiulo is the co-owner of Northside Fitness, a strength and conditioning/crossfit gym in Fairfield, Melbourne.

Crossfit has a bit of a reputation for being hard, competitive and perhaps intimidating. Tom takes the movements of Crossfit and creates a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome.

Tom doesn't fit the stereotype of what a Crossfitter might be (if there even is one) and he is an amazing athlete in his own right. He is an extremely down to earth guy, and I’ve bumped into him after a couple of yoga classes so I know he is a committed yogi.

Both Tom and his wife are vegans, which is relatively uncommon in the Crossfit community, so as you might be able to tell already, he is an interesting guy!

In this conversation, we learn all about Tom and his background as a competitive rower, including a stint at Twickenham rowing club, and we were both surprised to hear that he spent time working in the military!

We learn how he studied sports science as a mature student and realised that he had found his calling.
We hear about how Tom discovered Crossfit and what it is about Crossfit he loves so much.

Finally, we hear about Toms work in aged care - he even has a client who recently turned 100! So you can probably tell he is a compassionate guy who sets up a supportive and inclusive environment that really helps his clients feel good, stay safe and fit.

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