Wayapa Wuurrk - From Self Care to World Repair

Episode 32

91 mins

Wayapa Wuurrk - From Self Care to World Repair

September 2, 2018

In this episode, we speak with Jamie Marloo Thomas and Sara Jones, creators and facilitators of Wayapa Wuurrk.

Wayapa Wuurrk is a modality that incorporates movement, meditation and a connection to the 14 elements of nature and the land. The word Wayapa means connection, and it draws from indigenous philosophy but is designed to be a practice for everyone regardless of religion or background.

In this episode, we learn how Jamie's childhood experiences lead him on the path to creating Wayapa Wuurrk. We learn about the 14 elements, and how a Wayapa Wuurrk session is structured.

We learn how Wayapa goes beyond self-care and encourages an attitude that goes beyond the self towards caring for the environment and looking after the planet for future generations.

Finally, we learn how Jamie and Sara worked together to nurture an idea to being approved as an official modality by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies as a way to raise funds to teach Indigenous children their culture.

Wayapa Wuurk - http://wayapa.com/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wayapawuurrk/


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1:37 Where do Jamie and Sara come from?
2:18 What childhood experiences lead Jamie to the path he is on now?
4:28 Jamie on sharing his culture with the youth, reclaiming his culture, and Sara’s vision.
7:23 What are the 14 elements of Wayapa Wuurrk?
17:05 Taking care of yourself vs sharing with the world
20:00 Self-determination comes from the self.
21:13 How do you structure a Wayapa Wuurrk session?
22:17 Are people generally receptive from the start, or is this one of the challenges you face?
27:22 People teaching Wayapa in the prison system.
31:24 Was there anything you couldn’t share because it might have been considered too sacred?
40:05 How did Wayapa all come together?
41:02 Sarah talks about when Jamie first showed her the movements of Wayapa Wuurrk.
44:19 “The world needs this”
47:20 What are the benefits of being approved as an official modality by the International Institute of Complementary therapies?
49:10 How Wayapa is reaching populations who are going through drug rehabilitation.
50:44 How Wayapa is accessible.
51:50 Everyone’s perspective is important.
56:15 Do you have any practices to help you get “in the zone” when you are teaching?
1:01:49 On an environmental journey - a non-judgemental modality
1:04:05 Do you have a vision for the future of Wayapa Wuurrk, or are you just letting it evolve?
1:09:30 Being conscious consumers
1:15:00 The makeup industry and destroying self-esteem
1:17:30 What is the one core thing you would like people to take away from your teachings?
1:19:38 Thank you to Jamie and Sara and to their shared journey with Wayapa
1:21:23 Outro


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Hello. My name is Rane, and this is the Flow Artist Podcast. Every episode we interview inspiring movers thinkers and teachers on how they find their flow and much much more. If you love yoga, movement, meditation, and finding flow in your daily life than this is the podcast for you. I hope you're having a great day today. I think with breached the peak of winter in Melbourne here, at least in regards to how cold it is just looking outside the window. It's a bit of a rainy day. That's right. Because I've got plenty to do enter talk about with you today. This episode is a recorded conversation between myself. My lovely wife and co host Joe Stewart, Jamie, Marloo Thomas and Sarah Jones. Jamie and Sarah are the creators of Waypa Work, a new, modality that integrates movement, breath, meditation and Australian indigenous wisdom in the connection to the elements of nature and the land. I think the work that Jamie and Sarah join his really important. And as you'll hear on this episode, spreading far and wide and into schools, youth groups, men's groups and even into prisons. So I think they're doing some really wonderful important where now just before we get into the conversation, I just wanted to ask for you to please write review all subscribe to us on iTunes, Google podcasts or wherever you download your podcast. This will help other people find us so we can spread the word fine wide. Anyhow, this is enough for me. Let's get on to the conversation. Personally grew up in forest plant that's much I'm lands gonna and my clan.

People, but also have connections to the western part of Victoria, marriage thoughts from grandmother, people. Speaking of the modern people sometimes in college and I am Welsh Canadian Australian. My parents are Welsh heritage and they moved Canada at us, the family, and then we all moved over to when asked about fourteen o. And sorry, would you like to tell us a did about how your childhood experiences shaped the development of Lapa work and eat away you out today, forming chance to talk to Sarah booting foundation and building structure to do that total are growing up on country and grew up in and around little places called club terrorist stuffing, clubmate, and been revived and so much original homeland still are bushy Ryan forests and people beaches, and many people. There. Flee most in in nature, but also traditional stories for that area being told those stories. So head was like growing up with that. And you know, my my parents, we call it a lot of our own food, the land fishing, we used official and catch rabbits, and mom was was an amazing God enough or as fresh vegetables, pretty much what we ran side. We have that chicken every couple of weeks for sure chickens and stuff like that. We had a fairly good upbringing being country. And I guess as we got older, moved away from that a little bit because with a lot of societal issues around identity and you have to have this to Beatty's near the Cape up with the giants and that hall philosophy of having a big fan through the car and then come the eighties and the nineties, whereas like have the Monte suits and the the perfumes and the shoes and the stuff I got sucked into that lost a little bit way. I wasn't being aware of my consumerism which goes against out my original concepts. Every people every culture where they were the conscious consumer awareness, people his that intact, what they didn't need and that'll back to the environment. So yes, I think that how got away we are was looking at growing up and then looking at my traditional culture knowledge, why was a way of framing that up and presenting it and being more aware about her.

Present. I remember just looking at your website and doing some research. She had a little story about how you with his youth. Would you had to pick up some kids and you're taking them to a traditional dance shop or something? Do you wanna tell us a little bit about your experience? I think for me when we were because of the concept of of invasion and disposition in temperate simulation, the reclamation of traditional cultural languishes in stories and dances was spent Pottum aloft coming back to her mother's country, twenty six, and I used to teach the traditional dance and putting it all back together and putting all knowledge together. It was very slow process. Remember one hundred spent, you know, whole die working as a drug and alcohol work going to court for clients and going travelling around and join nine to five job, but then having to get in a boss after work and pick up the kids. Different Laurentien, rubbing it to the mission. When we got into town, the kids just about six o'clock and the kids just got out of Boston, this rental loss. One of my uncle Robeson is United, chill yourself. You know what you remind yourself. Why here when you teaching keeps them. Taste culture. That about, you know, and spending grounded and paying respectful and being aware and connected. So bicycle got the kids to come. Go to main shoes off, went through minutae, visualization in the closer is sort of talked through the elements of stories about how can actively everything and and then got him to stay standing still and granted them to so do the movements what what the what that would look like and from there disrobing grew those taking traditional dance concepts and putting them into movements, but the movements just being about who we are and environment sort of led to organically teaching that I, I didn't know so years before in their met Sarah and Sarah really had the vision to say that's bicycle full blown modality that you teaching, and it's got so much residents tournament so important and the knowledge, and I'm not really.

It's just do and share it with school kids and done individual workshops now door and even to point tone of their new eastern suburbs and the group every kids after about six weeks that can do all is close to the hall and elements to the direction without even stolen synchronicity all doing at the same time without even having their is I've been side that was really serious sought to turned into sharable constructive, my -delity with the world side feeling pretty much gratitude for that opportunity. Thanks. So often the case when it's just something that out of you and it's just something that can do during Bella vita to the level of a have created a new movement by delegates. This is just what I do and says it does take someone else's is tonight. This is a nice like other people need to learn this and Chad is as well. I'd love it if he could take us through what the Philippine elements described, the technique of heaven had any experience. But if that's so the the foreign elements are really by stone office humans and awareness that we teach it from an environmental perspective, talks about how the vomiting doing things. So the elements I on creator. So whatever you see or connect to the credit we inside what a word is or what it looks like. All the stories that's your personal journey to connect to put its honoring that the creator is giving us everything we had from the styles to the water to the if and only energy that's he. So the movements.

So the creator. With that gratitude of been connected to I creation all the creator. However, you say it and then there's the sun. The sun is the second element of web of the foreign elements, and it's about honoring the software of the sun. It's been honoring famous in revere universe and just how we saw gla Randy and observing the sons Sox's as well. And we always, we always talk about ancient cultures, observe that whether it be the financial, the gyp shins or one of the stories here is Steiner arrangement that's about twelve thousand years old. It's like ten times hinge Twas dollars. The pyramids non is about our ancestors. Insist is honoring best cycles and headed concept of versus theory, even full Tigers came along and understood that. So you know that every papal all intelligent evolved she misses opposed to, they will grant barefoot naked and you start tools. So yeah. So the third element is the moon. So it's about honoring the cycles of the moon and having an awareness around what the moon is doing every day. So the twenty eighth, I saw clues Beppe in connecting to that being observing how the Moonies interacting with their planet also with off-side physiologically, emotionally hell, having that awareness and having that could shoot for what the moon is doing, then there's the land. So as purely honoring the spicing which we travel also see teen. So it's about the creation of the land Skype Ranji. So when we talk to people about why we can say Weber too, you can be one spice, could be Spicer special to you or could be a lot of spices. So when you do the visualization and do the meditation visualize yourself being there. So I.

Always to do it. Now, my place, genuine muchly go to is upping Faris kipps land where there is ocean and there's mountains and valleys and as been shifting plights caused different crops and things like that. So it's about honoring that the earth in general, where you connect to could be more places don't we have the lightning. So we go into the sky on the lightning energy and talk about, you know, hell lightning. He's been official for mother earth from why it's important mood for and important tool for the creation of not trite from not Trajan foams from the lightning and hell awnings at fires and and have five natural part of the earth as well. It's an actual thing we bit scare that Schuman's because you know, I can be had such deciding fixed, but not understanding relationship with fall outside. We bring people back to that awareness with with lightning, and then we have the Ryan and it is about honoring what's up and water comes from as you go through the journey of. Web-based out to learn about these elements. You starts connect to them and understand the history of told a cost of his warning, the water that drinking in today's the water from the beginning, this water has never left this planet. Now, ancestors drank that and the people off trust would drink this water. So what's the quality wool lock in another ten thousand years, one hundred years. There's a gratitude for then what you to sink or how you interact with plastics in the ocean, but then also about, we would say, when you watch the weather, the weather is I'm really sorry. I was going to be writing for three days is I? Yes, it's going to be running for three days and a power of would thought in a fix well-being. So people are feeling depressed, them angry at the Ryan, then that's what you're gonna base manifestation of thought. So having a full understanding connection to have graduated for all the elements is really important part of web. So the Ryan is about observing the different directions rank comes from the purposes and and the story behind then we have the wind.

Again, another really important element because of what it's doing environmentally from other two. Why of shifting things around you transcend seeds and raving oxygen around the simony, different amazing stories or knowledge around each of the elements and honoring that the energy and the power of the wind, the mcgeough into the tree, which is if you can save it of a story forming here at all connected. So everything needs h. element to continue to guard. So we go from the wind picks up that, say, the travels of seed in the state polls into the fold into number four. And then obviously the from the water in the sun and the moon will help tray grow. So they're willing to connected side of the trays about honoring oxygen materials, the foods, fruits from the tree, and it's bad people, respecting that. And then from the tray we go into the next three elements off to that is the air that's better serving all things of fly. We often talk about the eagle but could be a butterfly and insect or something that flies. About when you connect to the flying elements about getting up and if you will environmental looking at it from a pitch, and I'll just throw him back yard. But what else is happening not wear of going to the land, the land element subsuming animals that live on the land and how we need to be aware that they're all there for a purpose and the intricacies of how each one of those they each other. And then from the land we go into the water element and observing things leaving the first foot of the salt water. You know, we'll water creatures the three mile ones that we talk about when we do upper is the eagle, the kangaroo, and the l. but it could be a Dow could be DEA, could be fish, better zone. If those three spaces of planet have been occupied with pain, he's things have been flying around living on the land in the water before humans raven here. And then after that this week out into the hunter and the gather thoughts about the twelve thousand eight hundred minutes about honoring that our ancestors, we're hunters and gathers in this not about putting into stereo talked to him. But generally, if you talk generalization.

The hunter was the man. That was the woman in a lot of villages, but not always the case and talks about the different ways and the knowledge that is haunted and gathers head of their environment to to leave on it respectfully and to to go out to catch food or too deep for food or to survive and thrive. And then the lost element is the child. And when you think about the footing elements, when we started with the creator, we end with the child because the child is both the child, but it is also the creator because it will create the environment which the next generation will will take up. So just look, we really a role the children, and we become the hunters and gatherers, and then it's about potsy on that knowledge to the next generation. The next generation x. generation. So why about from looking all elements of how they're all into connected to to us as humans and have we need to get back to observing and gratitude. Understanding. I think one of the misconceptions and talk about this a lot is the Shimin have this ego, he's that will destroy the planet to think where that path when really will destroy ourselves. The planet will still be here after we've destroyed the water on the air quality and the food sources and to think that we're that apple, it's funny really always had this joke with the the kids in that desirable cockroaches white matai when hearings going hand of governor Kossi and the heavy chance because you know it is about we talk about ego and Pat.

We're talking about before and there need this because that'll make me luck. They saw fell sighing, you know, instead of saying the men is Mike, it's a man. We signed a suit, Mike, it's demand which one's better for you, which wants shape. Heaven been a menace having with Paul managed. So I think that as societies is developed and I'll use that where we haven't evolved and compensation about evolution in about a all his people, humans on the planet. Like what? Why does is race the compensation? So we've had the answers before we just ignoring that knowledge, why she's the philosophies around even medicine. We call and medicine alternative on you. Head of network. That that's not even like medicine, like actually, how old is the oldest woman? Listen. Calling it new idea and all sorts of financial agendas to why that stuff. He's so yeah. Why is about reframing ancient knowledge in connective and responsibility because it's not just about how I'm personal wellbeing and wellness. This is about intergenerational wellness thing that that's what's not paying talked about in any other modality. That's that's actually looked into that a bit low because I feel like there is this connection between personal bay and taking care of yourself and kind of heaven. The energy should take care of your community to give house, but also I deny sometimes this perception that it's like really selfish to take care of yourself and put yourself first win this many other problems in the world of people don't put themselves first because they are sorry, driven health odds. And that's often not very sustainable. And what's your kind of.

Feelings stood firmly balance. It's definitely a balance between my insurance when it's the classic stick with me here on. Now when you. Airplane and this I mosque gonna drop from the ceiling, put yours on first before you help someone else. So it is about my show. You can't, unless you will sign Fecamp help someone and it's also a bad if you'll living a really well and healthy lifestyle and off seen it. So many times a lot of my uncles and family members, the older ones, they've all daughter really nice because it put their own health loss. There's one was really sickening walked into the health service in his early fifties, and he was really signals a along about twenty people and he just went on because he said, I only say doctor for me. But he was such an inspiration so many people because of all the work that he did. So to me is that real balance between my insure that y'all looked after and in the well-being of everything else. Risen. Resona turn that when we look at why you look at it from in a traditional village, aside of kids, he's that side of them. There's not gonna be any inheritance. There'll be nothing left for you. I will give you all the knowledge that you need to survive and to get the things that you need to do. So nutritional, really, if your child and depending on your gender and from him or become a hunter, or you'll be gather sort of your guy when he tone that will give you all that knowledge and that knowledge can help you to thrive in when the melts pass, then you'll become hunter and gather on the new become an elder. So this into generational passing of knowledge. So Robin accumulating wealth. It's about what can we do to look after these people from wellbeing perspective? Do they need.

And look enough Jim, United wealth of the world and is enough, he believe in constructive money since the figment of my tonight anyway, that we use the trading commodity that the world should be everyone on the planet should be well. Gandhi said, it will not for everyone needs not everyone's grades and the hall. Disconnection things are one of the things that we take him. Why apple is not. You don't have to sit before seven magical points that you have to be a worker what to be away, applied person to be wherever it's a bad saying, well, what can I encourage other people to do from the wellbeing perspective? But you need to have lots of money all these clauses, all it's about looking at, I guess, as you would not it's about what's between you years is where wellness really comes from an you say things and yes, there are things happening out there as an average person. We having this conversation in this country around sovereignty and trading and can have all these conversations. But what does it really main? What is it really a man too. Self determination about yourselves has to come from from government. Not from somebody else, not from Syrah complex may Gumma complex may of Darby's because one put him a mouth for from guarantee Giles because stole a car, all in control of that Saharawi pop that stuff onto other people to take up the so many from g can use why to Mike wellness prison out from you, and it's about signed people constant, but you've got this money on you got that money will it's not always about money. It's about how did I get that among come, come from poverty, but of a couple of cars on and a half and the Bank ask, but but it's bad saying, well, but I took the skills always taught in, put them into action of and give you those skills so you can have this if you won't. That's all about perspective of what is richness in wellness they have can be shared. I mean trade because there's all.

Saimaa philosophy behind this and so much deep knowledge when your introducing it to someone for the first time, how much do you start at the physical practice? Do you start with the meaning behind it? D- start with the basics of the name, get deeper as people go on. How do you, how do you structure this? It's basically providing the knowledge I around the indigenous concepts, indigenous wisdom thinking bencher in the practice because it really is about having the understanding I to be able to then get the deep immersion of the deep connection with the practice. And I think that a lot of times we tend to do things without really knowing our during them, and we find that y, you really need to know all of the concepts and the knowledge and the standing about what the all of the elements are, why they're important to then really connect in with the actual practice it self. So we'd teach all the knowledge. I then the practice. And then as people start going deeper and deeper into longer courses or becoming a practitioner than it keeps going out from there. And so when you take like that, when you doing a youth work and stuff, a people generally pretty receptive and reaching in from the beginning or is that one of the challenges? I think it's a prime one of the things that ought to with four year old kid. So whether it's sixteen year old kid so corporates, it's been how you frame the concept in have how can risen, can be personal to them and a think is much as we talk about the indigenous perspectives which are important because think people in this country ever very anxious tien-shan concept of connective -ly and understanding that the creation stories that would share our unexplainable boy, but western Saudi.

Size has helped me nylon stories because I predate the numbers that I talked about. Historians of means of years old. When we describe the -rupt it and cotton. I that because that's two million years old had how is it the United that that's actually the result of an under would've all kinda got heady night that miss I, this, this, the stories has been passed on the discount econom- stand that, and I got only been here for forty thousand years e. k. tie yourself lead narrative. So when when we use it and constructed, as this is a an earthly decisions, a human practices have not just about average. People is about all cultures on the planet, had this knowledge at some point and used it and understood it. So when I side of people that if you Lond up, although ancestors long pool of us in the lawn and went to parents grandparents, great grandparents. Say, you got back seven generations and people living with land, traditionally, undecided family, but I'm a mum sort of family. If you back. Twenty rations though, leave him up, but they still lived connected him with the knowledge of of that's as everybody else. Just some of move disconnected than others or remove more. So when you can, you can actually get that to resin night, decide this practices about you and his practices about your ancestors, but it's also about the descent come off to you. And we always say Serrano dynamic children, but the children are community. We still do the practice for their benefit.

So that there is going to be good for them. So it's throw children not just for your arm, but often tell we get, say, corporate corporate miles to respond to it because people got into now. I care about tomorrow. I'm going to be here, but he said a slow, your kids, your grandkids here, you love him would be great grandkids. Greg, Greg gripe hang kids that kid made them, but if I could bring them here, would you love many lists because I descend from you. Of course, I love them. Well, what are we doing? Look after them? So that's connects people a lot because it's about having into purpose. I think that this Burge was ending is the finest purpose, ensure the greatest purposes continuation of humanity through what we're doing. So if you can day coach allies that and put it into a framework of humans and but was supposed to do that often gets people's attention because it's not a bad Dr that regionally, so dies other little night as I as is about a loss. And that we will breed a sigh may. We'll drink the sign Waterville eight this I'm from the land. So I think that that helps to to connect to people when you need frame it locked up. Interesting is because all of the things that he do to make a better world in the future of the things that you do to better about yourself today. So even for the out, just like I'm living for the now. It's like this is going to help you live in the now the better as well. They actually actually, and that's guess, I guess trying to get people to think about that differently, be bitter now. But more importantly, because we all descend from ancient lineages.

More mistrial longer, but in the your ancestors of Albany, the same amount of Thomas mourn. No one's been here any longer than audience, so unleash your land. Politicians. But yeah, so it's about it differently when you find lock that we'll be booby Bitta tonight. If we ate more, we're gonna food. What do I 's? And you know, we connecting respect the land war and definitely better for that. Then. Defaults in. So future generations better off if people living in the now, if they start practicing Lapa Bill, they will create a better world, the disconnected BanDai fault. But for the connected at the purposeful, Euler inside before you mentioned the, there's couple people union who taking in the prison system inside love to hear a bit more about that. I think they're beginning to shows the flexibility in the my -delity and had you can use the philosophies and the stories and the principals to connect PayPal, and often the people that are in prison systems are the some of the most is connected because their actions that have caught them there, the actions of disconnect port of raising look. There's often people might pay choices or bad Mr. mistaken mama toss becomes a choice in the continuum, the wrong choice. So when you start to have framework around most only men but put. Back into these indigenous men, the construct in the concept of various sisters and being hunter. And what was that? You know the the grandiose idea of the noble hunter who went out and provide for his family, and he was the protector as sort of whimsical and fan schools that sound they were. They were those people who were there were honorable respectful. They took on with a needed, took with our land Tyke and stay if I wanted something that traded forward or their Batard forward gifted to them. And when you put those contracts virginity back into people's lives. And I was saying, so I was that a lot of these men feel uncomfortable about doing the passive flowing movements in the story and the narrative, and the connection only because of some of the worst forms of western psychology and control developing that toxic mile of the whole match. Oh, and we're not do that. That's a little girls or that's year Posey or this or that that whole.

Programming of that the very worst of what miles can bay from that. So the solve it when you get them to come into contact with the softer, nurturing energy as a man, what they're really Maine's courage them to connect to that. It had Spain. Having some really working within the structure of the system is very challenging to go into the the boys, the going to the the, the going to that spice to teach in a constantly having to do with lockdowns and issues happening. And I this and tides that side trying to get some continuity and that's can be challenging TOMS and goes down different emotions of being is trying to do with the motions of being locked up in caged up, but giving him the concepts of using visualization and meditation, Telcom carpet them, the cells in that and to be able to visualize and sell fan on country at in the place of connect to. So when you heavy hunting tickle bras, what was your fireplace? You connect to the beach and I'm gonna people people in we hunted and fished in Rome. Role when you get locked into not think about that. Think about your ancestors sink about Tommy to get it. Then all of a sudden had this unit for wanting to behind not in jail, and then you can have the conversations. What got you here, what you need to get you Cape at here. So when I got home and get connected to that place that place inside, isn't that appealing because could've connection to that place? So yeah, does does just we're gonna just really start doing it in loss of the months, eight months. So it's a new spice to detect it too. But again, it's it's a different spices.

It's kind of the laced, nurturing and less connected to mother earth section of the environment. The can think also not really amazing that you bring that in then breaking it to that so that when they come out like they actually have tided not just more damaged and that that's the plan to get them emotionally and brutally rehabilitated so that they can then work on the physical aspects of the other Eller specs, three continue relating into that back to that empowerment. That's the that's the plan. And it seems to having some really good traction with the conversation of the young of the having mentioned times that these these movements in the philosophy comes from ceremony on country, was the the decisions about, should I share this? Should I not share this aspect because it's too sacred? Was there any resistance around sharing all of this to everyone always share the knowledge, the knowledge. Itself in the philosophies of connective, so sacred dances that I'm sharing and luck with anything something from another culture. Even other culture Matz I, we do that movement because from you, we don't do that. That's fine. And that's the movements, the story behind, you know, we tell any there's not a sacred storytelling is sacred dance moves that have someone says a moment ago, that sacrifice that was never intentional because we don't cycle to. We are what we do. So all the movements very nondescript movements there, you know, the movements that all miles from our community of same web, I love it. Talk about support the sheriff because ultimately it's about protecting in connection to the earth, and I'm get to members, push wants people to do that.

Looking to country says what the might elevates ultimately Pap. Absolutely. So when we talk about the three different lies in which we take it, the first one is bar mental so weapons in connection practice. I four mice. It's a cultural practice on take it as a cultural practice. I can share a speaks of Mark culture as a Wia present own expect shared Serta do that unless she had permission to tell moss jewelry. So it's a bad, acknowledging the environmental connected that we have. So all its elements are all elements. Cities is the way before people. So there's no, that's just as just what it is so is no culture and that then we share from personal. So what do you had a you? Connect personally to us forty element side Iran, you wrote in foreign elements you you have little story about what made you tear. We'll do same. Joe, do the same. And then I'd say we'll do you have any cultural stories that put our more foreign cultural stories, but that's just from Gibbs line. Okay. Doing other foreign from western district. Five hundred nations from across the strata would all have a different story for the foreign elements. But then I still the same elements. You could get every culture on the planet to rot down this story and they mainly culturally to the foreign elements doesn't doesn't matter because thing police on non more call the rar. We call the sun, the sun still sound.

I saw it is it's about the cultural. I've allies that just another way to share the story to say as humans we talk about being different because of this, our on different because this really we've got more in common than we have different insurance. Those more this more about us. So having common differences and and it's doesn't matter how we see the story and say that every people who say all, but I can't talk about the sun lock that than us. I don't bel-. Talking about what you can do that. I don't want you to tell any secrets stories, the best sharing only what you can share and people do their thing. Share their own thing. We have conversations. We deliver the course about cultural appropriation and where you get the knowledge to share it and about referencing. We always say, when you have a conversation with an average, no personal with someone from people and talk about rallies on God, but of never alerted in school. He wasn't a diction Tae who is what, but he was teaching me about Ryan all creations and all that. So it's about respectfully referencing where you get your stuff from and having firsthand conversation with people. So it's again, encourage people get you wanna win, more met one halter than come and sit. We may just rate a battle here on bring me up, Email meal come and do Campbell. And then you can share that story. So when people come Tucker, movies, I'm not. And I said on country with him always on every papal. He told stories about the stars and that and he said, you can share these stories on what you to share and reference these stories from what people because caved store in the law and knowledge is him. So he told his allow detail, there's lots of stuff he wanted to. So again, people inside all when I was going to do web that don't a settlement movie, told me the story about the sun. So that's how you can reference a cultural story that why Robin Google it, and it said, so there's all different ways you can gain knowledge and share knowledge. But at the end, the data's not went by ultimately relate to citizens what it's that love to go back to what you just said about how to learn more about aboriginal culture and especially non indigenous people thought some directions. People would hit two d.

References or did he do a camp will what numbers PayPal is just getting contact with the traditional iron is where you can. It was out on a way to stop. I was able, you know, we've got this Interweb thing now that you know, you can easily find things a lot easier than motivated, but you know people, there are some communities way. Unfortunately, there original tables have been removed from those communities. You know, is there any other people living near that might know the storage, the knowledge. So it's about again that we're up is Mr. connect race, go and join interact. So again, being with indigenous people and having first hand conversations, and even even though we have an online platform to do the course and to, you know, we're looking at doing it so you can become an instructor online, but the end of the real wiper is about true connections, doing their face to face, whatever, find not Skyping feeling h of energy in the room prison. Reading people have receiving information, and that's true. That's true. Innis connection is sitting on the ground where Sharon Cup of tea and we encourage people, and Mel was great. Example log on friends that that do the ended in a circuit. There's lots of indigenous things happening, especially in this part of the world, weight and Canada run dri Waco. There's lots of the vents on fit square. And so you think ours people gal mate attritional studies and the wandering people like they have a website.

Yeah, I don't think that that is the first and then actually go to some of the events and made some of the papal and Ben just payers aches and my sponge. Traditional original custodians will say, thanks very knowledgeable us, and we just want you to look after country look after it. So I guess people feeling shy and a bit oakwood. Yeah, just show up here. Yes, support show. Be respectful, even is never know person when I'll go to other average new places. I'm staying for wall, try to the trishaw group inside or any places that I shouldn't go to. That might be men saw. So women sought full of significance that respect that people really respect that Euler is a classic example. Nice. I dot com. People still wrong. It was to say, that's not a good example of and engage of say a think there's a look that can be done because there's a lot of knowledge in stories in the intricacies of conversation and. Making sure that giving yourself up changes, learn thinks really important. So you that spoiler a good stop to to stop conversations in this other avenues, and that's why we will ever. Instructors by average on the numbers, and you don't have to go with an instructor to get a connection to the some of non everyone. Instructors reminding connect people to the awareness, and they're amazing connected to other every PayPal, and then every depending on the Liautaud as well if I want to. So it's a good way of honoring business knowledge took it stop to understand.

But then to be able to cut political, failed. Or ask. Yeah. So it's kind of like that threats from, but it's something that's really universe to everyone because we all live on this. Yes, absolutely. They mentioned the the movements that you chose to represent the elements a quite general movements. Is that just something that came to you, like a stream of creativity? What did you actually kinda sit down and workshop like this is going to be the rain, and this is going to be the lightning. I'd love to narrate how to together. I think online. Sarah probably has more memory than do for five years ago in a shower in the land and Sarasota Sarah out between some of the movements and the sequencing by end of the day, that will just very explanatory off the connection Oles things. It was this other sporting with union need. I think that always talk about, oh, always told about this paying gift from ancestors tomato share and just being the messenger, they've disarray need to share this do and find this move that and Sarah doing. We believe in coincidences web, leaving coincidences. And so you know, show terror, she didn't have much of a reaction at the time. On your side, but then you couldn't pay? I would say Silas inch less when he showed it to me because I was very disconnected. I had been on. I thought I'd been spiritual journey started it. I done yoga's and Taichi and meditations and cranial sacral tree, all sorts of different treatments. And I'll turn it of or complementary therapies, but I was still feeling there is still something this voyage inside of me that just was like, I'm still missing something. I don't know what it is, and I remember you were in the land germ. We hadn't long sort of moved into gather, and we're sitting there are member distinctly that night, and I said, saw because we are also Jamie wanted to set up his foundation around culturally mentoring aboriginal kids in traditional culture because he didn't have that.

Opportunity to make sure that other kids got that opportunity like you're gonna run all missions for me and do all the hard work getting funded like, oh, that's really hard work. What else can we do to create an income strain? And he was like to this thing, and he showed it to me the the movements and on just was literally gobsmacked I was speechless because I just did. There's this deep connection that rang act through me my, you know my cells which is getting, you know, the hairs like arms standing up and was just like, Michael, that's exactly missing. I'm convincing connection to mind varmint the land around me and he understood that because aboriginal person, this is deep, deep unexplainable connection to the earth into country. But as the very disconnected, cook, Asian person hours. Just blown away going is exactly what I made that connection. And then the huge healing came about for me personally as a result of putting it all together and then being up to share it. And yeah. Yeah, so much more connected now and so much healthier and happier and whole sits having shared with me. And I guess that's a real impetus because you've felt that affect on years. Sorry, directly that would really carried through the more challenging times of getting something new off the ground or the. It's just like rushing Brent proposal, that stuff is not really that fun. I'm -solutely and because ours it in his face in my life, I'd be in a huge cycles. Domestic violence relationships from the age. One remembered gone from one to the other. I was highly functioning alcoholics using alcohol for everything from happiness, to sadness, to boredom, to constantly searching feeling that there was this huge missing thing in my life, but never really knowing how to to get there. And I knew that there's a lot of other.

People who felt like I did. There's a lot of other people in leaving the way I was living because I've been bumping into them. And so when Jamie Chevy wipe, I was just like, oh my God, you just, you know, you need to share this with the world because the world needs this. The world needs is connection back to our virus back to mother earth, and I could just see it. The visions are was just like why this is going to really change the world and it's perfect because it's coming from the world's oldest living people died. They actually new to do it. People's. So yes, so it's it was so does sharing it and knowing how much is helped me change mine Tara live and and just come so much more connected and whole and have so much purpose belonging my life almost show that I just see that I was very much Jamie is always been guarded by the ancestors to bring Jamie Tema live and on that that was the purpose was to create, you know, to be able to share this mazing gift of platfo with with the world. But I think it must be selling firing when other people like INA dot plice to say like, it's not just that you've had this easy, Razi life valuable, something nice to shed light yet. This is something that really changed things for me. And I think like absolute other people get the sense of that as you share. Absolutely lying to stop that cycle of domestic abuse to increase self esteem to during next year OB five years since I've had a drop.

Alcohol, all of these mazing. So is that about the same time. Happe- gave me, you know, it's, it gave me the purpose in the belonging gave me that understanding on aided to understand that alcohol was blocking my connection to something far greater and and so, yeah, I'm, I can't people knew me back then. Like, you know, 'cause I remember saying I couldn't even magin my life, not drinking a now five years later on, like I can't even imagine drinking again, like I just so don't need it because what gives to you is that clarity of connection is just much bigger than anything else that you could ever get from a bottle or a pill or all the other different ways that we ourselves through retail therapies through gambling highs to watching binge-watching game burns or whatever it might be all of that. You just you realize through this connection that you don't need any of that, it's that connection to to mother earth into environment that just really sustains you. Notice that you've actually this frosh. You've been recently approved the fishermen, Dallas by the International Institute of complementary therapies. And I mentioned that was probably quite a challenging crisis in a lot of pipe, ah, wick to. Get approved and from aegis told me, it makes much sense that you actually really do want to say this recognized as a therapy and not just as a movement style, what does that kind of recognition dirty for this as a movement soon? Actually, that was one of the first things we did. So when Jamie shorter-term me in recognized why apple to, obviously we didn't know what it was called. Then we decided we came upon the word APPA, but when he showed it to me, I was like, oh my gosh, the city's a modality and to be able to bring you could say, you say, average people being world oldest, continuous living cultures. Oversleep they've got a huge amount of ancient wisdom about living life. Well, we can't necessarily translate that into our day context because these days we put structures around things. So we want to everything to be accredited in a western stall. So.

So to be out to give credibility to, we knew when we're coming into this space at the wellness industry that we needed to to put that Medalla structure around. And so it was probably Jesus problem respond years ago is one of the persons we did was actually go to the international cheaper complementary therapists find out what we needed to do to get it structured. And as soon as we started sharing with them what it was and that it was a turtle unique Medalla that nobody else even thought about are considered and we rolled out paper, they're like, oh my gosh, ship and get it does a process that you go through and you do that. And then the next thing we had to do was in also become an approved trainer to be able to train weapon practitioners. So we've done that too. Congratulations. The, I'm not sure if you're already doing this just on experience and saying how helpful it's being breaking the cycle of abuse and substance abuse like a, he kind of reaching out to those populations soul. Not specifically. I mean, why can absolutely help with all of those areas. And it's certainly something that you know we do have why practitioners who are going into rehabilitation centers and sharing edge on. We have purchase expecting data. I want even expecting to go into that that will do child child care at it just to end. This reside in this bias because that's what people would hate gambling conference presentation die because it's a bad disconnection as to people having these different addictions with gambling hall fem Vala, whatever at so relevant to connection connects you to criticize self and drafting people -ssarily with thinking, I'll use this middle just for this. It's something that went, oh, yes, like the prisoners flock, just that would just beside beneficial imprisons as we'll pay. But we do have to four year old kids in kindergartens in ice cave cities to corporates, to grade six kids criteria kids, twelve kids.

Yeah, within the disability, disability rhinitis e have a sequence that can be done from Chad. The Hawaii up movements can be done from chair or as visualize. Asian pimple can just watch the men learn visually. And then practicing as a meditation visualization. This assis- universal human. Nate, whether we know it or not for connection so beautiful that you find in this why that really is acceptable to everyone. No matter what the movement abilities are people really unwell as well. The visualization would be sorry, helpful. I'm sure. And using the visualization, the meditation, but using the statement construct their own stories thrown are two page. One of two type recording of the forty come into us. We'll visualized apply to. That's how thing is to storytelling to the visualizations. Within the group we get the participants. Will you compute the visualizations not and take place at that? You like to connect to get you to close your eyes, and I'll talk about a bay, chill. It took about a Manson. Alex, describe it and then you visualize place, you know, you might never bay narrow, you may so you know what? They told me h h personal, bringing a unique story or connection. It's really beautiful as is kind of like this undestanding as well. Yup. You significant, you'll stories are important and they can help other people as well, holy. And I think that they have to is what was talking to this young people's moaning about his as one hour session. One position must be broken up into a share than the practice than a meditation or visuals, action and conversation. It's not necessarily that one I was spices taken up on his do visualization. I'm gonna touch, no useful to practice, but it's about simul. How will you up today this week. Oh, did you say that massive Ryan storm will have win. They are not all year, and you start having conversations around the point element and we will you when you saw the eclipse. So where.

When you saw the full moon. Hey, yo was here and you start sharing their stories, but that's the beckoning able back to talking to talking again, I think we losing the out of because it was. So actually. The story about bringing a human connection to human my back of of sharing conversation. So six calls, Molly do the twenty minute meditation h. l. but the rest of the forty minutes could be visualization of communication could be sharing a lie Ariz much bags three, three times this way. Sipe environment normally have three bucks, geez, head night. One box. They serve not tell anybody in from this website start sharing resources. I Obama had you save the planet in your. I'm elections. So yeah, it's it's cheering the personally personal sharing that think that Saudis losing this conversation's actually, one of the really amazing things about doing the fun cast because we get to like connect people like you and just like sit down until two papal. We'd have something else going on here is not not even meal or doing something else. It's just have the conversation there you're for. Sure. I think I listened to podcast as well, even just listening to a compensation is sorry, Richard spoiler. 'cause a lotta time we don't actually listen very well. Yes, you know, we put our thoughts before actually listening. That's another part of you know, why does teach you to listen on a whole cellular level to your environment? Not just seeing it or curing it. It's it's all the senses in that deep understanding deep Fibro connection that we have turn varmint and just in a pristine rainforests that we get that connection, we can go out in our backyards and get that connection. Even if we're living in the middle of the city yet threading.

But it's also that seem for the child that I can still be connected here and knowing that even around them to still Ryan falling at saw him on a pillar, say money be able to hear it. But law is going on Walser in using those visuals, Asians, but going. I mean, all would like to hype and think that they would get into the cells in having a meal, each other and the indirect in the yard that they're talking about. Talking about what then I'll talk about on his height that screw all. This is the first craft Paul actually open about comedy, go country, catch a fade and teach my kids how to fish like all us to and counting that India. So again, it's about human conversation around positive positive connection. So yeah, it's definitely a a different aspires to from way of looking at a modality. It's hope whole encompassing and as a facilitator of all of that. When you go into those groups into those conversations could be pretty clear within yourself. Lucky in the it stressed or distracted that stuff just probably really land as well. The practices that you do for yourself to kind of get in the Minya trying to take his wing elating group boys is something you try and not really get out of his. Zayn leitch. Thank aid is arms. We're never out of why. Nine thirty. Signed people. There dies job indicating Perry, some talks way you've got a big presentation luck. She has been concert and mobility stuff going on underneath. And then she comes up to the floor and you say you go from to.

Sometimes I is there's a little bit of that. 'cause what human human we feel emotions and they're things that can affect this. But when you do, you know, for myself pain, the the provocation presenter and weapon and business that has an element of that, but is more elegant of gratitude of psychiatry. Now, it is bit the philosophy. There is happiness, sadness, nothing loss for and and it's also battle up saying I with with scars, energy flies. So you know, you are what you sell inside. There is going to be presentation on the mortar such much better based is on us to cause splatters meditation knocked me. And so here what I'm going to buy. So you do have to be, you have to be away that you wanna be clear and concise, and it's interactive, but you died. I with my personally, and when we teach the other instructors, we not tell them how to do their thing. They're all there on people and they'll other styles, but. But it is about self case up looking any spices for the knock yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself. When you go at the present that tonight. Sarah said, we'll headed and saying meadow protection for wall always and of a really, really, really well thought saying what went on United as well. Today? Six, seven, ten is a non. Zayn just like, and I look at people in all of the pops look for the awesome. That's connecting to people when you say their body language in the same connecting side. Yeah, it was as tonight'd sevi- morning, he shoots business and I'll have a few Goto little jerks that I just want.

Go to. At least teach was. Age appropriate. Try to just rob. He could get anyway, but yes, I think you got into that spice and the beautiful thing about why is you take you on all the gin and you go in as a share of information? Not as a teacher, so you don't go knit thing the expert because you know you just share up of your cumulated knowledge and it could be a lot of this much and you're not trying to think it been anyone else said people differently. I am not. You'll be rewarm not you. You'll do. The Nessie red flag someone to. So, yeah, definitely. I mean that humility walk into that room and so I am going to learn from you to on the share more story, but I wanna hear yours. What's your knowledge about the Ryan? What's your knowledge about this that that is the spice which also rising because you don't have to be an expert. You just have to share your Xiaoli knowledge and experience and be able, and and as we say in, consider you about that, the witness of their Ryan, but it just is what it is a hell. We say it, we can say, oh, sunny drizzle now, thought torrential or doesn't matter. It's just saying, so you think that that will side up, she will you presentation. Now expect titans there. You're not trying to puff yourself today's something more than what you. I just gonna ride sharing what's real view all the thing. I really love us. Enjoy just share this John. Take away with if you wanna take away. I just think it's such a journey as well as in because you come as Jamie saying before, you know, he when we started this journey, he was he was way more consumer than what he is today that he was a bit of a clothes horse and having fourteen pairs of shoes and the latest suits, and all of us were up because he came from poverty. So he wanted wanted. And then from the wiper journey, you become Searle much more mindful. And I think that it's always about the journey because you're constantly learning on it and you constantly trying to because there's nothing prescrip-.

Live about it is about just impairing people to keep learning and keep improving, keeping in trying to things and and share all that knowledge that you're always in that space of continual gratitude learning. So I think that that's the weapon journey never ever stops. It is not like other last. Cloud drinking. The sun's rays from way you do that. And I'd I pretend to do that on very, very Ibon with PayPal, about my lawf- stall and decide their paper living foul domina consciously waste or yeah, yeah, hurry that's offset soul som is reminding, you know, wanna Chaney I'm not there yet, and it's about signed to papal do it your own pies and people all, but you should be doing this again. It's a non judging. My -delity shouldn't be telling me to do something. I'm telling you to do it if you'll buy. Aweso saying, as opposed to it's the bad saying practice what you preaching us about. We'll much djing you. Practicing non judgment about I'm sharing story what I'm doing and doing it far more involvement in front of the make good for you. Does it make you better? This difference, your journey shave at an spot by that and I'll do it can do to continuing listening. So I think that's helping them get through some stuff. Definitely start with a Arash people have this unattainable thing that they made today start even stocks this OJ out. Yep, Yep. Generally, I think even like particularly around what is being greenie, your environmental. This lot of people that either that resist because of the perception of what might be, whereas Rebrith China bridge that gap to say, actually, everybody is actually everybody's agreement. Everybody can be far mental because it's just simply means taking keep instead of using disposable copper using store metal straw, instead of, I'm hostage draws.

So all of these little steps start you down that path of greater Gore's and those little steps to head out. So you're not going to think about doing that so that you can be like, oh, that was easy. That was easy now. Like, you know, I still find this in Virginia and stop buying in bulk instead of my kit myself. Claes everybody can easily get what happened and it's not held up as being. Aren't you better get to this day before can even consider yourself during that little baby steps cat to make a big impact je- have a vision for the future whitewater, or is it more just an organic evil ocean? You just hiking things as they come? Yeah, I think that that's the letter is probably a much healthier. Having pride kids look differently. We would love to say PayPal of the globe of, oh, cultures practicing rapper and some full, whether it be in the structured, might -ality of movement and connection conversation or where the paper just consciously making better choices. And often we believe that the template is very easily transferable across the CLYDE for people to connect to somebody wellbeing daas with the logging of the earth. And so definitely we would love to say people of the world practicing y by as a as a structured practice for wellbeing, but also just the benefits youthful because people connected to during vomit and saying China and I won't side, you know, I didn't. Even Sarah told me that it was going to be pretty big and it wasn't until the guy who gives out in touch property invoice around.

He been doing our pay forty years and he was born in Waibel. He said, this is an internationally ready modality. He said, you obviously the channels of marketing it because you're against the the big three. And I've talked to each Lewin yoga, a well established in the wallet industry. He said, but this is going to resonate luck. You wouldn't believe want to eat it out. So I and it is a journey lacunae. We have limited resources and the whole concept of why apple was to funding foundation to taste traditional, ultra pack to kids. Initially, wept was amazed for information because it was, I was like, you know what I went to Sarah. It only takes criminal culture. Today's kids on some funding to do it will give fifty percent of what we Mike on aged help me get the money, so I can take these kids out on country and have their vehicles and the tents and the time and that to do it. And that's when wapo was born. And now it's just as an important part of my life. And that's a bit of that was a curse. Because we're trying to run a fan Daishin always kids, and then which deliver an internationally accredited business in the world mightily to the oil. You know, we're juggling these vices and the men's group and poised group tomorrow, and it's about time to do by 'cause they buy thrill really important. So year it's it's something we love to say happen. We do believe in universal conversations, believing things will happen when into happen, things a coincidence. I think enjoying the enjoying the journey of how shale when Russell said to me, what do you wanna say? Why up? You know, I always say, you know, on a take Brian daypack I wanna be sitting on the catch heavy, come Deepak chopper there are privee because the audience that would bring that into us.

Another fund. But yeah, I think are really do. I really do believe that being to imagine then the leverage of having those people supporting what you doing having conversation. So we would love to be taking. I mean, the thing is it's about peaking connected to paper who influential recently. Imagine if if she Jackman was tweeting about it, I'm doing webinar and all Christians wife was doing it about leading people to to the replaces and spices. Imagine if be basketball players, ending hundreds of means Dulles sits to ensure companies on the planet. I'm not gonna take you twenty million a year for -dorsements type ten million a year from these guys because they look tra-. Imagine if I said that magin if these people of of such high profile who majority people worship guy, this, what we want a think they'd be massive, massive challenges, obviously, starts from us. As consumers when we sent an Email to knock you this, I'm on stuff anymore because you destroying the planet. Imagine if the guy and pull in Oregon, his the stops kidneys, eight miles from this app, sign up on stuff, destroying the planet and carline emails Cyrus, and he says, Rhode, I when we two million eight miles from these people decide that shouldn't change it and say, your Email might be challenge. That could be one hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine eight miles seeing these inbox. You're a mom with one mainframe Ali wrought. That's it, which is why we don't business because consumer them so McGuire perspective, it's we live in a global village near way, trading elect, consumable all around the world. You know what's happening in tonight will law focus Shamar or wherever you know with his environmental disasters where fictive bought from the wind from the Ryan from the water lies. So it's a bad. We need to get everyone.

On the same page as global collective. And I'll think that's why this is another conversational point of bringing more bang from 'Self to village to global village to intergenerational well-being. This is feeling good about what we supporting money and energy to something this bit of us for the planet rather than just, I guess, not thinking about it or knowledge that and then. And I think that that whole conscious consumers conversation these to be titled not it takes us twice as long to shop these on not cowboy. To say on that, and it's also a bad thing in people got to get it from if she do you jump on lawn and you and you can buy you bought that on the day. You can boil it on. So it's about a car, aging PayPal to be conscious consumers. That's always be aware of what you can shaming and the impact it's having, whether it be from the t that you bought the shoes and you went to posse container or whatever. Just be conscious that you're making an impact and think that how do was call sorry. So I will was the home calls backflip on the plastic bags. It was silly that that makes such a hottest Asian guy back because if you people were like, oh, on a bug that Winfield and seven hundred thousand years that bag from you. Chevron's another Kentucky bag was the end of the world, like just disappointed on that. But then all one shop they ought to follow out, took a box them. That's right. A person can shop there.

Anymore, because if you wanna take your bag and taking plus pig. Right, I saw, yeah. I think that having conversations around how you can do an encouragement, he's he's what, again, it's about he. We are talking about a wellness, my -delity, but yet we're talking about in generational obeying and cook consumerism in China, and they often the conversation spoken about when you talk about taught Cheo, Tacoma, go more even organism point wouldn't be having these conversations and I guess it comes back to five table stories. It's like you'll important your significant let you can make a difference. Absolutely. And it is that the Gandhi bay, the China, you say, in the world, you have to do it a love. The main is there's a great Greg Qatar and broke into two grades, and it's gone electon this whole credit paper inside who wants China. Yeah. Then he goes, who wants to change. I say a lot. We really wanna do. That is the humid, collectible, what's happening we have to in the work, put him to work magic play. We have to put in the work, and I think that that's way that wants you to that then conveyed will is what Kelly's killing convenience, and especially in the loss, twenty thirties, conveniences, what's destroying the planet. And I would just go inside backwards in the last in l. off to I'm probably more nails. All new goes on in savings nineties. Jeez. Now I, neither convenience that we have out is just going, suck proposed. I fos, but the stuff that's one of the packaging stuff, it's not even more convenient. Like, you know, he buys on the c. you look.

Lighters. Really need to put to protect that. Loss to rise. Nick store were amazing. You're gonna shop. I look trying to thirty yards because it mocks bugging finito, wrapped all while stuff more the conversion incident. And the thing is said, it's because it's Ganic. It will go off if we died. I'm like, I get that. So this whole like argument about, I want Mogo Nick bananas. But if I would rep that would've gone two days ago because then injected with chemicals capable fresh long hospital, it was decided we didn't like steal them, throw conventional bananas. That's what he said to me. So this probably even conversation but could pull it out there. Sweetcorn, but comes its own natural package, tight all through the bus to try and rapid in plastic. So, Yup, they're all these little increase. We have to work in the world get to Trump on appellants. We're talking this morning at the workshop about how things have just been created for us. So we're talking about fact that of Lawrence single use stuff has been created. We are made to think that we need to have it 'cause it's better, but that's only the marketing is being put around it. So we talked to that put an x. tissues Kleenex created on tire product just for their own bedroom. Measurement and Henke's. I can't. We that there's been a marketing onset to spin around Kleenex that these healthier cleaner. It's more Germ-free all her stuff, and it's like that's just marketing. It's just the spin around a, we've all been so sucked into the marketing advertising, and it's about paring back in saying, really, is it or what is it really that it's actually about you trying to sell a product, and I'm going to go back to Hanky because I get to your can use it multiple times and that could wash and it's done. So I think it's really just changing being really mindful around everything and making sure that we're understanding where that purchasing habit comes from to really need it. Yeah, I think that was so that is the beauty industry because to create a need for their product by actively destroy someone self estate.

Not good by. The different way we actually. I mean, I stopped wearing makeup for years ago after doing are was brew up in North America always by the age of growing into grade five. I was getting up an hour early to put on my makeup and do my hair with my twirling Lond. So so for in my heart lot being pergram d- the head to wear makeup and more morning, I just work up while I'm doing this. You know, it's the same with my hair and wasn't a lean tos probably early until few months ago hours. Like, why am I die my hair? I was using some organic what by that station being using organic, come in a hair dot. But even then I was like one of my dying because taking the graph, but y, you know, I've been programmed to think that I, if I'm gray on old or on going to be less chanted or less sexy looking. Crime. I'm looking. This is whole conversation. I think we had about carrying it down saying, what? What? What are we being program to think, especially refer people say they'll sign the bike demand medicine, Magassa Man, United. They've free is gonna. Yeah, I think that is conversations early with having with the modality because they're really important conversations in the real thrill Antic. What's the one cool thing you'd want people to mice get from your teaching? You could distill it down to one essence offensive impossible familiar familiar really's about in a generational banks being wiping connected to conduct conscious consumers his 'cause you're going to be better for personally because you getting food and you're thinking getting thought some periodic thoughts and taking care of the United environment. If you connect until it understand that Ryan's Brian, and you get wet, and that's a key. But yeah, so I made is about being connected to nine imprint on the planet because that's what it's about. For me, it is about saving spice up for future generations to take up so people, hey, this podcast, and start thinking about their own impact in their on their footprint and having conversations about it.

Among feel good fat. The. Yeah, I think for me it's it's yet absolutely connection, and it's the ongoing connection. You have to have earth mind, body spirit, old together. You can't take any of them the equation. They're all connected. And soon as one of them is taken out of the equation than you know, well, so I think that that connection to taking care of of the earth, which then takes care of us and our wellbeing, it's that forever. Circle. That's important, definitely be putting on a website in shine. I'ts is the anything else that you'd like to shed and he all places people can find you any upcoming events. We do have an online course which is called reconnect disconnection with which people can find on our website under the online course. We also have to buy a practitioner courses coming up. So this is the deployment. Of course, it's a seven day diploma course, which is. Is held at Melbourne museum, and we've got one in November from the nineteenth to the twenty fifth and November. And then we've got one in December from the fourth to the tenth of December, there's only a maximum of ten places for both of those courses details again can be found on our website and then our. By practitioners as well. We've have on our website under the directory practitioners directory. We've got a listing of all of our practitioners that people can look at checkout where the practitioner is living closest to them, and they all have their own things happening as well. They'll run their own workshops in courses and during a great Jewish in message that she say, tomato into me a great.

It is, and we do appreciate paypal's Tom, you know, you've your podcasts. Every people her in spice that we would gripe people will want to have conversations, especially from every person. Finally, people line to listen and learn about the knowledge and richness Tamou forgotten voice in this. When people understand that there's a lot to be in I shade and lots of elect from him all credit Chinese. Thanks for inviting us today on. Thank you so much for sharing. We appreciate it, and thanks to out. Is not a lockdown. Embarrassment. Thank you because she's helped me remind he'll Geneva to to bring something didn't realize of such significance to to the spice to that can be Shantou. The level can be shared. Yeah, it is amazing. I'm going to go up without the knowledge in the passion that she's had for just the not just the the business foundation as well. So was he this amazing woman here? So you think you as you can tell the get the gift from APPA in the knowledge that Jimmy has, it needs to be sheriff it world really does the world's missing out by not having not listening to indigenous knowledge in connection practices. It's time. It's time just from observing the saying, like pretty familial teams. Why work. Listeners Sarah's work. But he's got the knowledge. As I said at the beginning, Jamie and Sarah adoring some amazing important work, and I wish them nothing but success and getting wipe out into the world. I think there's a wealth of wisdom held by indigenous communities in astray via and all over the world, and that it is wonderful that this local knowledge, this wisdom is being sane by the world by the community at large now we would really love to hear from you. So if you had any feedback or comments about this episode, you can reach out whip site at podcast off outta stall, calm, all search for the float podcast community on Facebook. We would absolutely love to hear from you. All right. Sorry, I don't want to jinx this at next guest is going to be Jay Brown host of j. Brown's yoga tolls. Now I want to jinx because we haven't actually recorded the interview yet that's happening tomorrow, but I'm really.

Sighted. He is one of the most popular yoga podcast is out there. So we're really looking forward to having the opportunity to have a little bit chat with him. All right. So the song in this podcast is baby robots, point, Goso, and use with commission. Do yourself a favor and get as music from Goso? Dot band came dot com. We'll see you again in a fortnight, Aroha nui, big, big love.

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