One Year On - Now What?

Episode 35

39 mins

One Year On - Now What?

October 14, 2018

The podcast has been going for a whole year! We thought that was worthy of an anniversary episode, so here we are!

In this episode, we talk about the podcast, why we started it, and what we enjoy about making it. We also share some of the surprises and challenges that come from making it, and a few things that we have learned along the way. We share what goes into putting out the podcast and how it has changed the way we teach yoga!

Rane has been teaching for a few months now, so we learn how his teaching has evolved in the last year

We also hear from Jo her reasons for starting a home studio, how the podcast has influenced the direction of the studio, and Jo shares some advice on running your own Yoga space from home.

We would both like to sincerely thank all of our guests and our listeners for sticking around for they year. On to another!


Garden of Yoga Website:
Top Tips for Running a home studio:
No Stomach for Cancer Fundraiser Class:
No Stomach for Cancer Walk Donation Page:


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2:12 A Whole Year!
2:24 What was the inspiration for starting the podcast?
4:10 What have we enjoyed the most about making the podcast?
7:01 Jo on the interview process
7:50 What’s the most challenging part of podcasting for you?
8:37 Have there been any surprises in creating the podcast?
9:01 Have we learned anything in the podcast that has changed the way we teach yoga?
11:53 How do you find your guests?
12:50 How do you come up with your questions?
14:20 How do you produce the podcast?
15:50 Advice for anyone wanting to start their own podcast?
16:58 Have you ever met anyone who listens to the podcast?
17:51 Teaching Yoga - one year on.
20:25 What is Rane’s favourite part of teaching?
21:05 How does Rane deal with teaching despite being quite shy?
21:40 Has Rane evolved a process of planning what he teaches?
23:02 Has Rane’s confidence as a teacher grown over the last year - are there any strategies that have helped with that?
25:00 Any advice for brand new teachers?
27:14 Jo on setting up a home studio (Garden of Yoga).
30:16 What have we learned from starting the studio?
30:49 What does Jo want to achieve with the new studio? How has the podcast influenced it’s direction?
33:05 Does Jo have any advice for people thinking of starting their own studio?
34:39 What were Jo’s favorite aspects of building the new space?
35:03 What were the most challenging aspects?
36:03 What next?
37:06 Where from here for the podcast?
37:30 Anything else we would like to share?

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